Canon EVIL 微單眼概念機設計

佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design現在市面上已有幾款EVIL去掉反光鏡及五菱鏡組的機種,如Olympus E-P1 E-P2 E-PL1、Panasonic G1 G2 GF1 GH1、SAMSUNG NX10、SONY NEX-3 NEX-5等,主要是為了縮小單眼相機的體積跟重量,讓單眼相機更輕便,這樣的機種一推出,讓掀起一片買氣熱潮,當站長我也很心動,尤其是最近沒有相機的我,考慮入手一台單眼,又不想帶著笨重的單眼相機出遊,EVIL機型更是最佳選擇。
Canon跟Nikon目前尚未發表任何一款EVIL的相機,所以就有人先為Canon設計了概念機了,想必這位作者也是想要Canon EVIL相瘋了,不過個人認為這幾款概念設計並未讓站長心動,還是比較喜歡E-P2的質感、E-P的相片模式、G2的外型、G2的觸控螢幕、NEX-5的小,如果可以綜合以上出了一台機種,就是我的夢幻機種了!

Canon EVIL cameras (also NIkon’s) are in every photography rumors websites. Should Canon release a new line of EVIL cameras, who knows. But I have decided to become a concept design artist for one day, in order to try my photo editing software skills, and see what I can come up with. Canon EVIL cameras suppose to be very small, without mirror (also called “mirrorless interchangeable lens” cameras or “ASP-C Compact Cameras”), very cute and have the a unique fashionable design. So instead of waiting for the announcement of Canon new EVIL cameras, I have tried to come up with a unique concept design, that is based on current Canon DSLR models, but much smaller, more curvy and cute design, compared to current Canon entry-level DSLR cameras. So lets see what I come up with. take a look at what I called Canon EVL” (aka EVIL, Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens).
I have decided to make a slogan for it: “Compactly Perfect”. It is a very compact EVIL camera and I am sure hope that when Canon comes up with an EVIL camera, it will be perfect!
I have used photo editing software to make the changes and come up with this “EVIL” design.
佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design
Version 2
I’ve been working a little bit more to present to you the second version of the Canon EVIL concept designed camera. Now I’ve added and HD logo at the right corner of the camera, replaced the right handle with a more beautiful one and put a solid meta line on the right grip (your left). I also made the accessory shoe like metal. Tell me if you think its look better and if you have any other suggestion, give me some ideas (good ones) and I will do my best to add them in EVIL version 3.
佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design
Version 3
I’ve been reading your comments on several websites and I’ve decided that the next variation of the Canon EVIL concept design will be, mmm… more EVIL you can say. I’ve flattened the top, still keeping the Canon curvy top, added a remote control detector, stereo mic for HD stereo recording, bezel line across the top of the camera and on the lens (who knows, maybe Canon will come up with their own line of lenses for the EVIL series like Sony did with theirs. Overall the “Compactly Perfect!” has gotten some modifications that suppose to give it a more “EVIL” look to be closer to how EVIL cameras look, but keep the overall concept closed to what I have started with. Oh, and I removed the 2 small button on top. Hope you like it, and again, you can give you own opinions and I will try to further enhance it on the next version 4.
佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design
Version 4
In this new design, I’ve have decided to bring some huge dramatic changes, and again, better EVILize the camera from previous designs. After reading Yousuf comments (thanks), I have opted to a flat top design. Added a combination of black glossy & matte finish, a metal piece on the handle with “13.6 Mega Pixel” text embedded on it. I was going to the Classic-retro design, with a combination of a modern, prestige & silky look to it. I also changed and minimized the lens extraction handle too. The “EVL” sign went to the glossy part of the EVIL camera, because the golden text goes well with the glossy black background, looks more prestige I think. The grip is less pronounced one, so it won’t look like a DSLR-like camera and give the camera a thinner look overall. I also played with the contrast to make it more stylish and modern and emphasize the metal parts. The shutter button wen to the top and was miniaturized, after all, it suppose to be a EVIL digital camera. So the results can be seen down below, and I hope that you’ll like this EVIL design. Oh, I also have used a Bordeaux and Honey-Brown colors to the cameras at the bottom to make it more retro-style.
In the next version, I think that I will also work on the lens. This lens is an image I’ve bought from istockphoto, and I think I will search to find a better looking lens that will better fit the camera. What do you think, looks “EVIL” enough?
佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design
Version 5
I must be honest, I didn’t believe that I will enjoy designing so much and get to make this version. This time I probably got really creative. I wanted to make the camera even more EVIL, but not just EVIL, but give it a very Prestige (Luxury) look and feel. Some will call it more ‘feminine’ I guess, but the main target was to improve over version and give it an elegant touch, so the final result can be a Prestige Digital Camera with Interchangeable lenses. I gave it different colors (Red, Bordeaux, Leather Light-Brown and Dark Chocolate). The camera has to look really appealing, so I removed the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV from the right side, because it was too bulky and it seems that it didn’t belong there (although I will use it for the next version, so people can see the size differences). I’ve added a “prestige” signature in handwriting at the top-left corner. The main Canon EVIL camera at the center (large) is in red, emphasizing the overall Luxury look. Added a touch of diamonds at the right side of the picture and some other minor fixes like removing distracting elements (ex. accessory shoe).
I hope that you like this new EVIL-Prestige Digital Camera that was made after large amount of modifications and photo editing (and many working hours without sleep). I hope that women will like this camera design too. Kind of a pocket-camera that every woman will want in her Louis Vuitton bag. So take a look at the brand new ‘Canon EVIL’ digital camera and let me know what you think. Thanks!
佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design
Also I become a fan of creating atmospheric environment for products. But because I don’t have too much spare time, I will concentrate on the EVIL camera itself, less on the overall atmosphere of the final image.
So what we had so far? – Here is my EVILUTION (aka EVIL Evolution), from the first first to the last. Same image further edited using photo editing software.
佳能EVIL微單眼概念設計 2010 canon evil concept design
Canon EVIL EVILution from the first stage to the most updated one (more to come..)
Feel free to share the image, but “AS IS”, without modifications. Tell me what you think about it, and what you generally think about EVIL cameras.
*** I have no association with Canon Inc. or any of its subsidiaries. All the cameras designs are not real cameras and are created using photo editing software. We are not affiliated with Canon in any way. The designs are for demonstration purpose only and present my inspiration and my desire to express my creative side and the love for Canon photography gear and innovation. For Canon Cameras, visit

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